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Obituary for Alda mae Touch

Alda Mae Mary Touch was the daughter of Jennie Guastella and Dominic James Guastella. They both were born in Italy and both lived their final years in California.

Alda Mae was born in Chicago Illinois January 12, 1932; in 1950 moved to Los Angeles California marring Albert Touch on June 9th 1951 (A 60 yr. marriage); in 1975 they moved to Santa Ana California. In 2021 Alda Mae was placed in a wonderful nursing home in Westminster California where she passed March 2, 2022 at the age of 90 yrs old.

Alda Mae was survived by her three children: Christine Therese Passwater (Husband Dennis); Thomas (Tom) Touch; Robert (Bob) Touch (Wife Jackie); And to 2 grandchildren: Ryan Passwater and Tamira Passwater.

Alda was deeply devoted to her husband Albert Touch, her children, and Grandchildren. Alda Mae’s love for Jesus Christ, her Savior, was always visible to others by her dedication to church, Bible study groups, and spreading the word of God to others around her.

Alda Mae and Albert were particularly giving when it came to helping strangers. Albert was always helping people on the street, giving them some money for food or bringing them home and having Alda Mae cook them a real home cooked meal. They occasionally would

also allow homeless to sleep on their couch or on the front room floor wrapped in blankets on a cold winter night. Alda Mae was very good about honoring Albert’s wishes with the poor and homeless. Their hearts were huge, in spite of the fact that it was often financially tough for them to make ends meet in their own household. They said they were rich because they had the treasure of God, who would always find them a way through tough times.

While her kids were relatively young Alda Mae sold Avon products. She pushed her kids in strollers on her neighborhood Avon routes as she did not learn how to drive until she was in her 30’s. When all the kids were through elementary school Alda Mae eventually started working for Ford Aerospace and later for Lockheed Martin where she wired up military satellites and various rockets which she was allowed to sign her name to some. She eventually got a small retirement pension from Lockheed Martin when she retired. Once retired, Alda Mae donated more of her time to many charity causes. She also continued managing the care of her oldest son’s affairs, Thomas, until she was incapable due to her illnesses prevented her a few years before her passing. She truly devoted her life to her family from beginning to end, a truly devoted mother.

Alda Mae also had a special part of her heart carved out for our Veterans. She belonged to the Disabled American Veterans Women’s Axillary. She use to go to the VA Long Beach Hospital to the mentally ill ward, L1. For 16 years once a month she organized and worked with Albert and Christine making sandwiches and filling lunch bags packed with goodies so they can hand them out to our Veterans stuck in the hospital. Alda Mae’s goal was to have something tastier than the typical VA Hospital lunch… She used food to break the ice, typical Italian Mom/Grandma, to gain the attention of our vets to cheer them up… And how else do you think she cheered them up, with her jokes, songs and also played bingo with them… What dedication that is to volunteer in this manor for 16 years in a row every month.

Alda Mae spent her final year in Stanley Health Care facility in Westminster California where she was treated very well and was said to have the most visitors of any that stayed there. She was visited by her daughter and youngest son religiously on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Of course many other family members, friends, and church members visited Alda throughout the week and on the weekends, including her grandkids who loved her very much. Alda Mae’s brother Leonard’s kids, and particularly her sister (Chickie) Josephine’s daughter Tina, visited multiple times a week as they developed such a special bond together. Alda Mae’s favorite time for visits was noon time, so most of the family visits were late morning through the lunch time hours. Alda Mae loved flowers and roses of all sorts and colors which the backyard patio had no shortage of, including a huge vegetable garden that we also ate from. The backyard patio brought birds of all types including a neighborhood Road Runner. We all enjoyed the patio and Alda Mae eating her lunch while looking out into

the garden. Being in California it seems like the weather was usually in our favor. Alda Mae was very thankful for all the family & friends that visited her in her final days.

She really lived life to the fullest that she could through the simple pleasures, and always thanked God for how rich life was in her eyes. She reminded others to be thankful for all of God’s blessings big and small.

She lived a simple life where material thing did not matter. She always reached out to others to make them happy through her jokes or love filled songs. Those who knew her well surely have heard her sing one of her favorites, the ABC song which had her special flare using each letter with a word phrase of joy. Yes, she loved creating smiles.


Mom, we thank you for everything you’ve taught and given us. We are thankful for the warmth we’ve shared during your precious time on this earth.

But most of all we thank you Lord, for giving us such a sweet beautiful loving mother.