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Obituary for Marsha Irene Garbella

Marsha Irene Garbella (nee Wagner) died on Saturday, November 27, 2021, at 11:43 p.m. in the
hospital in Tustin, California at the age of 75. Marsha was born in Coldiron, Kentucky on August
27, 1946. She leaves behind her husband Darvy Traylor and his two sons Marcus Traylor and
Spencer Traylor, her two children Jim Wagner & (Karen) and Vickie & (Dan) Schuurmans, three
grandchildren (Seth Keller, Ben Hancock, and Ashley Hancock), and four great grandchildren
(Truman Hancock, Brighton Hancock, Sullivan Hancock, and Samuel Keller), along with her
sisters Becky & (Rick) Casey and Debbie Prescott.

At 16 years old Marsha moved with her family to McCook, Nebraska, and then five years later
she moved to California living there the rest of her life.
Marsha was a hairdresser, which was a fitting occupation for her since she was a very social
person. Earlier in her life she enjoyed painting ceramics and reading novels, and towards her
later years was self-taught learning about history, politics, and current affairs.
At the age of 56 Marsha gave her heart to Jesus Christ and had her own son baptize her in a
swimming pool.

Service Details
A memorial (lunch and music) for family and friends will be held on Marsha’s birthday on
August 27, 2022 by invitation only. You can contact her son for more information at