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Obituary for Patricia Jean "Patty" Mount

Patricia J. Mount, 79, of Costa Mesa, died November 9, 2021.

Patty was born in a prisoner of war camp “Camp John Hay” in Baguio Philippines on April 14, 1942. She began her life by being born oxygen deprived with damaged vocal cords. Once the war was over Patty traveled by ship to the US and arrived with her mother & father in San Pedro, California on May 2, 1945, on the USS Admiral E. W. Eberle.

Patty’s life was full of challenges but also filled with joy. In early 1957 her parents moved the family to Santa Ana, California where she began to bloom as services for the developmentally disabled began to develop in Orange County. She loved Elvis; and Lucille Ball was another favorite but her true love was for her family, especially her sister, Marguerite, brother-in-law, Lex, and nephews, Charles and Drew.

As Patty entered her 20’s she worked in a sheltered workshop for the disabled. By the time she was in her 50’s she joined what today is known as HOPE Center for the Arts where she found her loving community of artists. Patty always had loved to sing, listen to music and draw. HOPE provided her with the nurturing community that built upon her interests, empowered her abilities, and especially helped her share her voice with others. It was through her art that she let her sister know that she hadn’t been to a circus. It was through her art that she communicated about those she loved.

By 2008, Patty encountered aging issues and as a result she moved to Costa Mesa to live for the first time in her life in a setting outside of family. Patty was welcomed by the folks at Independent Options (IO) Harbor Village I and she became best friends with her roommate Donna (although they both had speech issues, they always seemed to understand each other). The IO team provided Patty with the care and support that we all hope that we will have when we reach that point in our lives.

Patty is survived by her sister Marguerite Adams, her brother-in-law Lex Adams, and her nephews Charles and Drew Adams along with numerous cousins and friends.

There will be a graveside service on Tuesday, November 23rd at 11:00 am at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, 7845 E. Santiago Canyon Rd., Orange, CA 92689 with a reception immediately following at Ristorante Marscarpone’s. The family respectfully requests no flowers but for those who would like to give in dedication to Patty, donations can be sent to:

HOPE Center for the Arts

295 E. Yale Loop,

Irvine, CA 92604

Or online at