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Obituary for Roberto Diaz Sepulveda

Roberto Diaz Sepúlveda was born on June 14, 1943 in Acuitzeramo, Michoacan, México. Son of
Refugio Diaz and Josefina Diaz Sepulveda. He has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Luis Diaz, Jesus Diaz,
Maria Elena Serrato, Celia Mares, Catalina Cortez and Leticia Diaz.

At an early age his mom Josefina Diaz Sepulveda became a widow. Our father Roberto was left
to care for his brothers, sisters, and family. Our father was a giving and hardworking man.
In the year 1962 our father decided to venture to the USA to seek the American dream. In
hopes to better help his mom and siblings. He worked at the crack of dawn in the agriculture
fields in Orange County, Fresno, Madera, Stockton, and Sacramento. Dad later came to Orange
County and worked at various Nurseries and retired from El Modeno Gardens in Irvine,
California. Where he enjoyed planting and cultivating plants.

On December 22, 1969, he married our mother Elena Diaz Gutierrez. They both worked hard in
the agriculture fields. They both wanted to form a family. 5 girls 4-living and 1-Heaven Josefina,
Patricia, Cristina, Cecilia and Adriana. Their moto was they wanted to give their children a
higher education and they did not want their children to work in the agriculture fields.
Our dad was a loving father, husband, grandfather, and great grandfather. 3 Grandchildren,
Vanessa, Ruiz, Anthony Ruiz and Stephanie Ruiz 6 Great-Grandchildren, Anthony Ruiz, Jr., Luis
Angel Peña, Lucia Peña, Christopher Ruiz, Aria Ruiz, Alina Ruiz.

Our Dad is known to have a green thumb. He loved his plants and is dog Cisco. He was a family
man. Who wanted to enjoy his children in all that he did? We were not allowed to attend
functions without him. He would say, “vamos todos o nadie va”. This included parties, dances,
vacations and going shopping, etc.

Family describes him as a hardworking man who worked hard to provide for his family. At
family parties he was the first to out to the dance floor. He wanted to make sure he showed off
his dance moves to the younger generation.
His work friends describe his as a happy go lucky man who loved to sing and whistle while he
worked. He also, asked that our mom make him extra burritos for lunch so that he can share
with his friends. Dad was a kind and giving man. He would literally take his shirt off for a

Often God tested his generosity. We would have complete strangers visit our home and ask for
help. Dad would not hesitate but instantly offer food. He would then go to his closet & fill a bag
of clothes including brand new shoes. He remembers the struggles he went through while he
was an immigrant and all the generous people that helped him along the way. There were days
he did not have food and shelter. He would pray to God and the Virgen of Guadalupe to help
him. Sure, enough God would answer his prayers. Therefore, Dad was always a God-fearing
man who gave unconditionally to those who knocked at his door.

Unfortunately, Dad suffered with Alzheimer’s and dementia for the past 16 years. Through his
illness Dad always maintained his strong faith. Every night Dad got on his knees and prayed for
his family, friends, neighbors, and the dog. Dad gave us the strength through his long goodbye.
Until he got called home with his creator. Dad knew God and accepted him as his only creator
and knew the day he would part ways and be reunited with his Mom, Dad, Daughter,
Grandparents, Father in law and Mother in law.

Until we meet in paradise Dad we love you and thank you for being our father.