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Obituary for Sister Anastasia Marie-Gabrielle, O.C.D. (Debra Ross)

Often times date of death puts people into our life for one reason only, to help us save our soul. Sister Anastasia was in our life for this reason.

She taught us how to follow Christ

To live for Christ

To die for Christ

He was her all.

We saw her pain which she united to Christ, her joy which she shared with us, her heartaches which she gave to Mary.

Having learned more about her from her families and friends after talking with them I discovered a woman I really didn't know. She would share many things with me about her life, but it only amounted to a bucketful in a flowing stream of troubled waters. And as most people, we don't always appreciate them as much as we do after they are gone.

Sister had many setbacks - don't we all? She continued on. Her life was full of trials - as we all have. Her way of life was hard and she came up against many obstacles - who doesn't, that would drive many to give up, give in, even turn away from God's graces.

Strife in family, prejudices in school and the work force, overwhelming health issues, abandonment in marriage, struggles in education to become an LVN.

Sister was perpetual motion. Even in her continual illnesses she never allowed herself to stay down, and she came up smiling.

There wasn't a fireman, an ambulance crew, a police officer or a serviceman she saw that she would not stop to talk with about her triage days when she was nursing. She spoke their language and they enjoyed her attention and gratitude for their work. And when she was in the hospital, she was alone. Although she received the blessings and anointing for the last time, like St. Joan of Arc and St. Therese the Little Flower, she could not receive the Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion- Sister was in good company.

Many thought she was a liar, a cheat, a thief. And she was. She lied to protect her family and loved ones, she cheated the devil because he lost her soul, and she was a thief, for like St. Dismas, Sister stole her way into Heaven, to be with the Saints, her Bridegroom, and Mother.